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*facilitating balance through massage and energy therapies*
About the Practitioner

Laurie has been a Reiki/energy work practitioner for 22 years and massage therapist for 16 years.  By providing high quality, nonjudgemental, compassionate care through ancient and modern bodywork techniques, she is committed to assisting clients with reconnection to the Higher Self, thereby facilitating self healing and balance.


Reiki helps the body heal by opening and balancing the chakras or energy centers and meridians.  This work can hasten the healing process of injuries that cannot be manually manipulated.  Using Reiki and massage, Laurie was able to heal her own ACL tear from a skiing accident.  Trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage are shown to have long lasting, healing effects on headaches, chronic muscle pain and fatigue.  These therapies, in conjunction with Reiki and stretching, helped her restore full range of motion after a six month bout with frozen shoulder syndrome.  All of these therapies are effective in grounding, centering and healing the body, mind and spirit.

Laurie also believes that massage is very important during pregnancy, birth and post partum.  Utilizing a prenatal table with holes for belly and breasts, even third trimester clients are relaxed and comfortable in the face down position.  Moms often report the sensation of their babies swimming and dancing while receiving massage and Reiki on her table.  Laurie is an experienced doula and studied with famous midwife, Ina May Gaskin at The Farm in Tennessee.  She has attended over 50 home and hospital births.  Doula services offered in the North Coast area start at $600, which include labor and delivery (at home or Seaside Providence Hospital) and an in-home educational visit.  Prenatal and postpartum massages are $50 per hour.


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